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Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus
Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus

Platinum H2Oil - 1Lt plus bonus

Don't be outshone in the ring this show season!
We've taken the ordinary style hot oil and made it extraordinary!
➡️ Superior lasting SUPER SHINE.
➡️ Deep Coat Conditioning.
➡️ Dust Repelling.
➡️ NO Saddle Slip.
➡️ NO Greasy Residue.
➡️ Increased Colour Enhancement.
➡️ Post Clipping Colour Restoration.
➡️ Increase Blade Glide for Better Clipping Results.
➡️ Skin Soothing.
➡️ Sensitive Formula.
➡️ Easy to Use (Rinse or Spray).
➡️ Australian Made.
➡️ So much to LOVE with Platinum H2Oil 💗
We all know that a healthy coat always starts with a nutritious balanced diet suitable to your horse or pony’s specific needs, but regular sweating from training, clipping, rug rubbing and the harsh effects of the Australian summer sun can play havoc while trying to maintain a perfect show ring coat.
So where can you turn when your horse or pony's coat needs a boost?
To Platinum H2Oil of course! 😍
Platinum H2Oil is the ultimate in luxury water soluble conditioning treatments which can be used as both a traditional hot oil bathing rinse and grooming coat spray. Suitable for both clipped and natural coats.

Concentrated professional formula deeply conditions and nourishes your horses coat, repairing dry and damaged hair while leaving a beautiful silky smooth, dust free finish with a sensational glossy show-ring shine.

Our superior water soluble blend mixes incredibly easily with water and remains blended for an extended time allowing you to achieve an even coverage whether sponging or pouring the mixture over your horse.

Platinum H2Oil is enriched with a unique blend of natural oils. Camellia (Japonica) Oil, Argan and Coconut oils aid in strengthening and revitalising your horses coat, hydrating the skin and helping to restore a rich deep coat colour while leaving a healthy glossy shine without a heavy oily residue.

Infused with the luscious fragrant notes of Burnt Sugar and Tangerine.



Apply Platinum H2Oil to a freshly bathed coat, pair with Platinum Pony's range of washes.

For optimum use as a bathing rinse mix Platinum H2Oil in a ratio of minimum 50-100ml to 8-10 litres of warm water (cool water is ok too). For a more intense conditioning treatment increase the ratio to suit your horses needs.

Sponge or pour the Platinum H2Oil mix over your horse and gently scrape off excess. No need to rinse. Blanket with a cotton or woollen rug (weather permitting).

* Don't have access to a hot tap at the stables? Simply take a thermos of hot water or a kettle to boil your own.

Use daily after clipping to help restore coat colour and healthy soft hair growth.



Dilute Platinum H2Oil in a ratio of minimum 50-100ml into a 500ml spray bottle with fresh water.

Mist evenly over your horses coat and smooth with a soft bristle brush.

Create superior results with everyday use to maximise coat colour and sparkling show-ring shine and halve your grooming time.

Fabulous to help with problem rug rubbing marks, spray daily onto prone areas.



Made in Australia.

We ship all orders with instructions for every Platinum Pony product.


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