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Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus
Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus
Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus
Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus
Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus

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Platinum Sox - 2.5kg plus Bonus

Platinum Sox is a traditional non-toxic, cosmetic powder whitener for ultimate white show ring socks, feather, face and body markings.

Created with a blend of all natural cosmetic grade, mineral powders, Platinum Sox is the perfect product to ensure a whiter than white, long lasting, professional finish that even offers resistance to rain.

Contains UV filters.

Fragrance Free.


* For an optimum show ring result combine with Platinum Pony's Violet Wash.



Platinum Sox is suitable for both clipped and unclipped natural freshly washed hair.


Wet Application:

Using approximately 1:1 ratio mix Platinum Sox with clean water creating a smooth paste and apply to damp hair with an applicator sponge or small firm bristled brush. Wipe hooves clean with a damp towel or sponge.

Discard any unused paste.

If desired bandage wrap socks overnight. Once bandage has been removed lightly brush off any excess product.

Touch up with a damp applicator sponge dipped into fresh powder.


Dry Application:

Dip the tip (pointed or flat) of your applicator sponge into Platinum Sox and apply onto damp hair. Wipe hooves clean with damp towel or sponge.

Once dry lightly brush off any excess product and set with hairspray if desired.

Touch-up with damp applicator sponge.


* We recommend wearing gloves during application for easy clean up.



* Including BONUS - Tub, Scoop and Applicator Sponge.

Made in Australia.

We ship all orders with instructions for every Platinum Pony product.


Also available in >> Platinum Sox 350g & Platinum Sox 1kg


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