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Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack
Violet Pamper Pack


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Violet Pamper Pack

The Violet Pamper Pack is available exclusively online through Platinum Pony.


The Violet Pamper Pack contains Violet Wash and Violet Crème perfect to help brighten coats, white markings, manes and tails ready for the show season.

Suitable for all light coloured horses: whites, greys, palomino (very pale cream tails) , dilutes, mixed coloured etc.


***If you are needing to mend DIFFICULT to move yellow/brassiness or EXTREME DIRT in white, grey or very pale coloured tails/manes we recommend including Express Clean.

See our 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack' deal for all three products.

Who said greys don't shine?

Tired of purple shampoos that strip your horses hair of natural oils leaving it feeling coarse, brittle and dry?

What if there was a whitening/brightening shampoo that left your horse silky soft with a vibrant glowing natural shine?

Violet Wash is a highly concentrated natural pigment shampoo designed to thoroughly and gently cleanse and clarify while brighten white, grey, very pale cream and light coloured tails, manes and coats while leaving a beautiful natural shine.

Violet Wash is the perfect full body shampoo, created using carefully selected, pH balanced, cosmetic grade ingredients FREE of unnecessary silicones, parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to nourish and moisturise the hair leaving a luxurious silky soft shine while helping to keep your whites glowing bright.

Violet Wash is the perfect addition to your grooming routine.

Violet Wash is also PART 2 (Cleanse and Clarify while Brightening Whites) of our very popular whitening/brightening 3 Step System the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack'.



Saturate hair.

Apply Violet Wash directly onto the coat and using a sponge, body brush or curry comb work into a lather.

If desired leave on for 5 - 20 minutes.

Rinse well.

*For optimum results and to help mend or reduce any residual yellowing/brassiness finish with Violet Crème.

Caution: Wear protective clothing to prevent possible staining.


Violet Crème is the original highly concentrated, violet pigment crème conditioner developed to help brighten and highlight grey, white, very pale cream and all light coloured tails, manes, socks and feather by reducing the visual effects of yellow brassy hair.

Violet Crème is created using carefully selected natural ingredients FREE of parabens, silicones and unnecessary chemicals. Powered by a special blend of natural oils including Jojoba and Argan, Violet Crème deeply moisturises and detangles damaged hair, strengthening and brightening whites all while leaving a luxurious silky feel and natural shine.

Violet Crème is also PART 3 (Repair Yellow/Brassiness with Deep Violet Conditioning Treatment) of our popular whitening/brightening 3 Step System the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack'



Cleanse hair with your favourite Platinum Pony wash.

Apply Violet Crème to very well TOWEL DRIED hair.

Work through the lengths of the hair strands beginning at the bottom of the tail/mane (usually the location of the most damaged hair) and work up being sure to evenly distribute the colour crème.

Leave in for 10 - 40 minutes. Less for manes, socks and feather.

Rinse gently.

Final results will be seen once hair has COMPLETELY DRIED.

Repeat if required on the worst affected yellow/brassy strands, apply to dry hair and leave in for longer if required.


*For optimum results on extremely dirty, grimy or yellow/brassy stained tails and manes use side by side with  Express Clean and Violet Wash.

Caution: Wear protective clothing to prevent possible staining.


Violet Pamper Pack contains:

1 x Violet Wash 500ml

1 x Violet Crème 500ml

Individual product valued $59.90


Made in Australia.

We ship all orders with full instructions for each Platinum Pony product.


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