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Cleaning the yellow staining from your horses tail.

How to clean a yellow horse tail Platinum Pony

I'm sure we've all been there at one point in the past.

While in pure frustration attempting to achieve the ultimate holy grail of horse grooming; the 'Showstopping White Tail' we've reached for all kinds of weird products and concoctions, from kitchen condiments to household cleaning bleaches, peroxides, DIY pastes and any number of other unsuitable harsh chemicals in desperate hope of creating the perfect white tail or mane.

While some of these concoctions may appear to work a little better than others, many actually end up causing further long term damage to the delicate structure of the hollow white/grey hair fibre, leaving it dry, brittle and even more susceptible to damage resulting in yellow brassiness.☺


• Myth busting the 'yellow/brassy staining' effect in grey and white tails and manes •


Did you know those annoying yellow stains that remain in your horses tail and white hair after washing isn't actually dirt that can be 'cleaned' out?

Yellowing in grey horses, particularly in grey/white tails and manes is a phenomenon often seen in hair previously damaged by UVA/UVB rays, urine, built-up grime and harsh chemicals not suitable for use on hair. Damage to the unique transparent shaft of grey/white hair in this way prevents the normal process of reflection and refraction of the FULL colour spectrum of light, with blues and violets failing to show through and yellow and orange shades remaining causing the hair to optically appear 'stained' with yellow brassiness.


Not to worry, Platinum Pony's flagship pack the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack' (formally the 'Grey Horse Pamper Pack') was created specifically to help tackle dirty/grimy and damaged white, grey, very pale cream and mixed coloured tails and manes without the risk of accidental purple staining.


The photos above show great examples (sent in by our customers) of the results which may be achieved using the Ultimate White Pamper Pack.

Treated with Express Clean and Violet Wash followed by a conditioning treatment with Violet Crème and the results speak for themselves.


What are our customers saying about the Ultimate White Pamper Pack?

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Our unique 3 Step System the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack' is designed to work synergistically to bring you the very best solutions to first thoroughly and gently cleanse and prime, then brighten and whiten all white, grey, very pale cream and mixed coloured hair by helping to mend residual yellow brassiness.

Of course all the products included in the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack' are stand alone products in their own right and can be used all over the horse, where-ever there is white or very pale cream coloured hair, not only the tail and mane!

Express Clean safely removes built up surface grime/dirt and primes the hair shaft to accept our custom violet pigments.

•  Violet Wash deeply cleanses and clarifies while brightening whites.

Violet Crème powerful toner to help mend residual yellow brassiness.


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Platinum Pony Ultimate White Pamper Pack


How to achieve the best results for your horses tail and mane using the 'Ultimate White Pamper Pack'


Part 1: Stain Removal & Colour Priming.

Express Clean is a low sudsing cleaner designed to effectively and gently remove heavily built-up dirt and grime without using bleaches, peroxides or harsh chemicals. Express Clean is the first important step in cleaning and priming the hair fibres to accept our custom blended violet pigments to mend yellow brassiness.

Take your time and follow our directions for the best results.

Use Express Clean with WARM/HOT water. Don't have easy access to a hot tap? We simply fill a thermos of hot water at home or take a kettle if there is access to power. :)

Spray or pour Express Clean into damp strands SATURATING the hair. Vigorously rub (a little like scrubbing a stain from cloth) the hair between your palms and work into a lather. Continue to work through while the lathering foam turns brown, lifting all that grime.

Wash away foam and repeat until foam remains white.

Rinse well.

* TIP - Express Clean also doubles as a fabulous SPOT STAIN REMOVER to tackle those last minute ring side oopsies and is also safe to use on dark coloured hair, making it perfect to use as a deep cleaner in the lead up to using semi or permanent hair dyes in dark coloured horses tails and manes.

Link to >>  Express Clean


Part 2: Cleanse & Clarify while Brightening Whites.

Violet Wash is a highly concentrated shampoo blended with our very own custom pigments, designed to brighten white, grey and very pale cream coloured hair leaving a beautiful natural shine.

Saturate hair. Apply Violet Wash directly into the tail and work into a lather, perfect time to concentrate on cleaning the dock.

If desired leave in for 5 -20 minutes.

Rinse well.

* TIP - Of course Violet Wash is also the perfect shampoo to use on all white, grey and very pale cream coats and fabulous for cleaning socks and all white markings too.

Link to >>  Violet Wash


Part 3: Repair Yellow Brassiness with Deep Violet  Toning Treatment.

Violet Crème is an ultra high concentrated custom blended pigment conditioner specifically developed to help mend any remaining yellow brassiness after thorough cleaning.

After first treating the tail with Express Clean and Violet Wash ensure to TOWEL DRY THE TAIL VERY WELL (No dripping water) Wet hair will inhibit the ability of our violet pigments to adhere to the hair strands.

Generously apply Violet Crème to the tail working through the lengths of the hair strands beginning at the bottom (usually the location of the most damaged/yellow hair) and work up being sure to evenly distribute the colour crème.

Leave in for 10 - 40 minutes (less for manes.)

Rinse GENTLY with cool water.

* It's also very important to note that the final results will be seen once the hair has COMPLETELY DRIED and best viewed in day/sun light. The violet pigments must be fully dry to be able to reflect and refract the full colour spectrum of light effectively.

* TIP - Occasionally extremely damaged hair usually found on mares from urine damage, or hair that has been treated with unsuitable chemicals, bleaches, peroxides or commonly used harsh household cleaning chemicals, may require a repeat application of Violet Crème. Generously apply to DRY hair concentrating on the most affected hair strands and leave on for longer than first application.

Link to >>  Violet Crème


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Finally we recommend regular treatments to keep your horses tail looking wonderful and easy to maintain and then protect from the elements with a waterproof tail bag if possible.


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Platinum Pony How to clean a white horse tail