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Lauren & Lisa Rowe

Welcome Brand Ambassador Lauren Rowe.

Platinum Pony Brand Ambassador - Lauren Rowe

Hello, my name is Lauren Rowe, I am 11 years old and attend St Josephs Secondary College in Northam. I am a member of the EWA, the Show Horse Council WA, PCAWA, the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Aus. and the West Australian Buckskin Association.

I'm lucky to have three cute ponies to call my own and I have lessons weekly with Colin Chantler of West Coast Dressage.

"Charisma Royal Emblem" (Earl) is an 8 yr old Bay Registered Welsh C Gelding standing 13hh. I have trained Earl since we acquired him at 4 years old. I do all riding and training with him myself. Earl has carried me to MANY rider class wins, in 2016 he has won two Grand National 2017 - Rider Class qualifiers for me. He has also won Champion Child's Large Pony Hunter at the Gosnells Masters and the Show Horse Council Classic, qualifying for the Grand Nationals 2017 twice.

Earl has qualified for Inter-school Nationals twice. In 2015 we made the long journey across the Nullabor with Earl and Queenie to Sydney by car and float. Earl finished 5th Nationally in the Primary Show Hunter section. We also finished 14th out of 31 in the combined training (dressage test & jump round combined).

Earl and myself won the 2015 EWA Inter-school Showhorse Leaderboard award, we were also placed 3rd in the PCAWA Dressage Leaderboard for Preliminary. Earl also won the Prelim/Novice Freestyle at the PCAWA Dressage Championships in 2016. Earl is training Elementary level dressage, ready to compete this level for 2017.

This year we will be attending the 2017 Grand National Show Horse and Rider Championships at Sydney International Equestrian Centre, as well as Equifest, Hawkesbury Showground, National Pony Show (SIEC) & Sydney Royal Easter Show.

"Glen Avon Snowdream" (Queenie) is an 11.3 1/2hh, Grey (white) Registered Welsh Mountain Pony mare. Queenie is amazing. Not the easiest but by far the most rewarding pony I have ridden. When Queenie came to me she had no “in between” It was all fast.

Not only did Queenie qualify for Inter-school Nationals in 2015, Queenie won Champion Ridden Child's Welsh at the 2015 WA All Welsh Show. This was the best moment ever!

"Madison Park Jeweliette" (Sugar) is the most amazing buckskin Welsh Mountain mare standing at 11.2hh. Bling is an understatement for her. With 4 full stockings, a large blaze and her gorgeous colour, she always turns heads and wins hearts. Probably because she is such a nice little person as well, very much a character.

I started (broke) Sugar with help from my mum. Sugar has taught me a lot. In 2016 Sugar was awarded Runner up First Ridden Pony twice at the Gosnells Masters and EWA HOTY. This made me very very proud. Sugar was also awarded 2nd place on the PCAWA Leaderboard for prep. level.

Sugar competes at the major Welsh shows in WA as well as Show Hunter classes. Sugar loves to jump and is a great Pony Club pony. 

I am often asked to ride peoples ponies. I ride "Yartarla Park Wisteria" for Joanne and Robyn Endersby. I will be riding her on the East Coast at the beginning of this year at the Equifest, Grand National & Sydney Royal shows.

As much as I love Show Horse, I really would like to work my way through Dressage. I love a beautiful pony, to be beautifully turned out wherever we are, at a lesson, show, riding with friends or at home. With Dressage, to look beautiful as well as beautifully trained is amazing.

Even more, a grey or white horse turned out beautifully is gorgeous. I scrub and scrub my white ponies to make sure they are clean. It is worth it when people notice how clean they are.

I helped my Mum with the Platinum Pony 'Grey Horse Pamper Pack' when we bought it. The Express clean is very easy to use. It foams up really well & washes out easily. You don't need to use very much of the shampoos and crèmes at all. Queenie's tail has never been really white. Queenie wee’s in her tail all the time. After the first treatment it was really clean. But after the second wash, WOW!!! I was so proud of her with a white tail, I am sure Queenie knew it was clean as well. Queenies breeder, Hazel, couldn’t believe it also.

For the beginning of 2017, I am concentrating on getting ready for the long journey to the 2017 Grand Nationals in Sydney, its so exciting. I am also looking forward to competing in more dressage this year. I will be competing at the 2017 summer series competition for dressage.

Photo Credit - Robyn Endersby Photography