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Hello! I ran out of my normal sock powder this weekend, so prepped 4 ponies with Platinum Pony Platinum Sox, as well as washing the grey ones in your Violet Wash. I’m really pleased with how the products worked!

Platinum Pony Violet Wash works great on my white Wyandotte Show Chooks as well as the horses!

Please see below a picture of my daughter’s pony BJ Kaneto at the recent NSW Youth Dressage Championships. Her blindingly white socks were thanks to Platinum Pony's latinum Sox! Thanks for a great product

Hello thought I would send this photo to you of my horse!  Prepared all in Platinum Pony products (he was a dirty covered monster the day before)  Great stuff!

Huge thank you to our fabulous customer Jenna Deeg for sending us this gorgeous photo of her daughters Show Chicken 'Elsa' and her winnings from the weekend!  'Elsa' was bathed wit0h Platinum Pony's Express Clean and Violet Wash to remove dirt and grease and then enhance her amazing Platinum Plumage!

I just bought this pack and used it for the first time today. I love that I can use it on my grey horses tail and my chestnuts socks too! Neither of my horses have ever had special white treatment and now they look incredible after only one wash! And between the two of them I used less than 1/10th of a bottle! Seriously awesome stuff. Thanks Platinum Pony!

My equine pride and joy. Rising 6 year old blingy Thoroughbred gelding. Use Platinum Pony's Platinum Sox every show and never fail to get compliments. I use on white legs and white blaze and never have any issues. Perfect product

I’ve seen a few posts about getting white/light coloured horses clean. This morning I did basically the ultimate test... pale horse stained with secca! I have a champagne filly who is a damn grub and is never clean, she lives 24/7 in a paddock that has secca in parts of it. All the stains, including all of the seeca, removed with little effort!  All that was used from pic 1 to pic 2 was Platinum Pony’s Ultimate White Pamper Pack, which consists of Express Clean (stain remover), Violet Wash, Violet Crème (conditioner) and Platinum Sox (sock whitener) to finish off. I am in no way associated with the company, just thought I would give credit where it’s due, as this stuff is pretty damn amazing!

Love it! Platinum Pony Express Clean is awesome. So good for last minute clean ups without having to fully rewash legs or tails. The Violet Wash and Violet Crème lasts for ages as your only need a little. It smells so yummy too lol! I’ve found my coats so soft and silky after using it with a lovely shine!

I love Platinum Pony. My horses white tail hadn’t been washed in over 12 months. I used this and it came up beautiful and white. Before finding these products I would have to prep her tail weeks in advance. I showed her on Saturday and just washed her tail the day before. I wouldn’t of done this if I hadn’t discovered Platinum Pony

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